caged greyhoundDog Racing in Florida

There are twelve commercial dog tracks in Florida. This represents a majority of all greyhound tracks (12 of 21) left in the United States.

Humane Problems

Many humane problems have been documented at Florida tracks. As a result, every major humane organization supportsthe complete end of commercial dog racing.

Injury Reporting

Greyhound injuries like broken legs and necks, and paralysis are common in the racing industry. Unfortunately, Florida is one of only two states, with Alabama, that doesn’t report greyhound injuries to the public. In states where greyhound injury reporting laws have passed, the number of racing dogs placed for adoption rather than destroyed has dramatically increased.

Dog track owners oppose injury reporting because they don’t want the public to know how many dogs are being hurt.

A Dying Industry

Greyhound racing is no longer economically viable. In 2013, the legislature retained an independent research firm named Spectrum Gaming Group to conduct a study on gambling in Florida. In part, this study found that: