Amendment 13 proponents cite dog injuries as reason to ban greyhound racing in Florida

Published 10/15 by Carson Chambers

During the November election, Floridians will be able to vote on whether to end greyhound racing in the state. Critics and proponents of Amendment 13 showed up in Tampa Monday morning, trying to sway voters.

Campaign volunteers seeking support to phase out greyhound racing in Florida

Published 10/8 by Tony Kless

This is the first time that Amendment 13 is on the Florida election ballot. But the Committee to Support Greyhounds is hoping it's the last time.

Yes Tour: putting an end to greyhound racing

Published 10/5 by Gail Levy

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - November elections are around the corner, and that means it's time for Floridians to vote on some amendments.

In Pier Park Friday evening the crew working on Amendment 13 was pushing to get votes to end to greyhound racing.

They said that 8,000 greyhounds endure a life in confinement at Florida tracks, and can be kept in cages for up to 20 hours a day.

Greyhound racing ban draws bipartisan support as pro-ban group kicks off statewide bus tour

Published 10/5 by Jim Little

In this age of political polarization, it seems one issue can still bring a conservative Republican like Pensacola's Mike Hill and a liberal Democrat like Orlando's Carlos Guillermo Smith together: a ban on live greyhound racing in Florida.

Florida Supreme Court rules proposed greyhound racing ban will appear on ballot

Published on 9/7 by Katie Santich

The Florida Supreme Court on Friday ruled that Amendment 13 — a proposed ban on greyhound racing — can appear on the November ballot.

The 6-1 ruling overturned a lower-court finding that the amendment's wording amounted to "trickeration."

Heading to the finish line of Florida’s cruel greyhound racing industry

Published on 8/6/18 by Stephen Wells

The stakes couldn't be higher: This November, Floridians should have the opportunity to vote on Amendment 13, a historic ballot measure that would prohibit the cruel "sport" of greyhound racing throughout the state. ("Should" because of an ongoing legal battle — more on that below.)

Greyhound racing ban backers start campaign on offense

Published on 6/2/2018 by Peter Schorsch 

As we enter the dog days of Summer, the battle lines are forming over Amendment 13, the proposed constitutional amendment to ban greyhound racing in Florida.

Now that we’ve seen the initial moves from each side, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a long, tough campaign for supporters of the dog racing industry.

Amendment To Ban Greyhound Racing On November Ballot

Published on 6/4/2018 by Nada Blassy

Supporters of an amendment to ban greyhound racing in Florida launched their campaign Monday at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, with several grassroots speakers and Republican Senator Dana Young.

Protect Dogs – Yes on 13 is an online campaign that is working to inform voters about what they call the cruelties of dog racing.

Florida greyhound racing ban effort gets $1.5 million donation from celebrity Doris Day

Published July 27 by George Diaz

The push to ban greyhound racing in Florida just got a huge financial boost from celebrity Doris Day, a long-time animal activist:

A $1.5 million check supporting Amendment 13, which would prohibit pari-mutuel operations from racing greyhounds or any other dogs for wagering. The amendment on the November ballot would phase out commercial dog racing in connection with wagering by 2020.

Racing greyhound owners challenge Seminole ordinance

Published on 6/26/18 by Mike DeForest

SANFORD, Fla. - Two racing greyhound owners are asking a judge to invalidate a 2016 Seminole County ordinance that requires them to report injuries to their dogs, obtain licenses and notify the county's Animal Services division whenever the animals are transferred from the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club outside the county.

Scott Bennett and Jimmy Goodman sued the county last year claiming county commissioners overstepped their legal authority by approving the ordinance, known as the Greyhound Protection Act.